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Dear Mr. Williams:

I am writing this note to express to you my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for all your hard work and exceptional professionalism in rebuilding my home which was basically destroyed in half by Hurricane Ivan. We are extremely fortunate because this time last year we were living in the only three rooms of our home that were left habitable after Ivan. However, it has been a great year thanks to you , your staff and your subcontractors who have restored our home to a better than new condition.

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“As an Engineer I’m involved daily in many technical aspects for various mechanical projects which require constant supervision and inspection of employee labors…Having visited other Contractors who provided proposals and ‘in-house’ inspections or prior home construction, I found your craftsmanship was superior and second to none…Quality, craftsmanship, and regime to details as demonstrated by prior home construction allowed me to favor your Company for my new residence…”
J. F.

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“Upon meeting people, mostly friends and acquaintances, who are shopping for as new home in this area, we highly recommend you to them. We do this because we know from personal experience that not only will they find affordability, but also quality…”
R. D. T.

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“When we decided to build, many of our friends began to tell us war stories about their experience in home building. Actually, I think they were disappointed to learn that we enjoyed the experience, thanks to Panhandle Homes. Dean, I do not know if you have a slogan yet, but I would like to suggest one.


M. S.

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“As we bring this project to a successful conclusion, I want to personally thank you for the outstanding way you handled the job. There was never any doubt on our part from the very first meeting that it would be done professionally.”

T. B. & D. S.

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"Dean & Taunia,

We can’t tell you what an enjoyable experience it has been working with you on building OUR DREAM HOME. We came to you on the recommendation of a friend and he was absolutely right when he told us how wonderful it would be to work with you. From finalizing our house plans to seeing the final product it has been a truly pleasurable experience. You took what we had envisioned and made it a reality for us!!

This is not the first time we have built a new home and the personal attention you both gave us was indeed a pleasant surprise. Taunia went out of her way to help us pick out color schemes, wallpaper and traveled to the ends of the earth to find light fixtures. And, you know someone has learned from the ground up when you see the exquisite craftsmanship Dean personally put into building the fireplace, columns and the other specialties he put into the house. We were just overwhelmed with your eagerness to make our home the way you knew we wanted it to turn out. You have chosen a truly professional ‘team of subcontractors’ to work with. It’s rare to see subcontractors working so well together, and they all seemed to give us the feeling that they were building their own home instead of someone else’s. We truly believe they are as proud of our home as we are.

It goes without saying if anyone were to ask us for a recommendation on an outstanding homebuilder it would be without a doubt PANHANDLE HOMES. Please feel free at any time to bring a prospective customer to look at our house and we’ll be more than happy to show them what a DREAM HOME really is!!!!!

Friends Forever,

D. & L. B."

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