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As one of Pensacola's most experienced custom home builders, Panhandle Homes has long understood the importance of putting our customers first.

Panhandle Homes Inc. makes sure that homebuyers are involved in every step of the designing process, and the company's meticulous attention to detail throughout the project ensures that our clients are totally satisfied with their dream home.

Dean Williams has built a career on understanding and integrating the individual style of his clients by getting to know them and listening to their ideas, concepts and expectations before construction begins. Panhandle Homes Inc. prides itself on accommodating the specific needs of homebuyers by incorporating their ideas into their home design.

What separates Panhandle Homes Inc. from other builders is that you will be working one on one with the builder. From the planning stages, walk-through, and final stages.

When Panhandle Homes works with a new homeowner, Dean works with them at their own pace, with constant communication to insure the finished product will be what they envision. Dean continues to meet with the owner on-site throughout the construction process. Since the homeowner has watched the home being built from start to finish, they are aware of the quality and will appreciate the finished product. Upon completion of the home, Dean provides a complete walk-through orientation of the home with the owner.

Dean Williams' business background and foresight has enabled him to build a solid foundation from which his company will continue to grow steadily.

Dean Williams, Owner of Panhandle Homes Inc., has a simple philosophy when it comes to custom home building... "It's all about family". If anyone should understand that, it's Dean Williams. He grew up working with one of the area's most respected builders, his father, E.B. Williams. Now Dean, and his brother, are all carrying on the legacy of home building.

Dean graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Building Construction in 1988. That same year, he earned his general contractor's license and Panhandle Homes Inc. was born. Dean and his wife Taunia work together as a family, ensuring that their focus remains on the families who come to them looking to have their dream home built.

The essence of custom home building is being able to build a home that a family has always dreamed of, but never thought possible. For Dean, this is the excitement he finds in working. Simply put, he never takes, "That can't be done" for an answer.

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